Find Product-Market Fit

Measure your product's unique value and identify opportunities to increase traction.

Use Template

How to use the Find Product-Market Fit template

When to use

Use this microsurvey to track your progress towards product/market fit, then run periodically after reaching it to ensure you maintain fit. Conventional wisdom holds that when 40% of users say they would be "very disappointed," you have found it.

Who to target

Target users who have substantial experience with the product or feature you are focused on (e.g., 5+ sessions or 30+ days since first use).

What you'll learn

This microsurvey helps you understand your product's traction and learn what you can do to better meet user needs. You can also extract the primary beneifts your users receive from your product, and begin to define your target audience more clearly

Designed by survey fanatic and customer experience advocate.

Allison Dickin

Head of User Research at Sprig

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