3,180 New Integrations: Ready for Your User Insights to be Shared, Not Siloed?

May 26, 2021

Everything a product manager does is for the customer.

All for the customer — designed to solve their pain, resonate with their needs and ultimately make their life (and jobs) easier and more efficient.

If customers are truly at the center of everything related to the product manager role, it’s only logical that customer feedback and insights should be accessible whenever a PM needs them.

However, product managers (and teams in general) usually have to hunt and dig for all of this valuable customer information ... because insights have become siloed and “held captive” by individual teams and tools.

Sometimes the opposite problem is evident: instead of data living in one gated, hard-to-find location, it resides in many different spots — in fact, the average company’s data lived in 137 unique SaaS apps in 2020.

Siloed and disparate data equate to “lost” or forgotten insights — valuable customer information that goes unused. And this impacts the entire organization — PMs making ill-informed decisions or leading to an increase in funnel drop-off or customer churn.

But it doesn’t have to be this way.

Thanks to UserLeap’s new Integrations Hub, your user insights can be seamlessly shared between your various software apps.

TL;DR: If you run a digital business in 2021, it’s imperative to share your user insights across all your teams and apps – and UserLeap now makes it possible to do just that!

Introducing Over 3,180 New UserLeap Integrations

Here at UserLeap, we geek out a bit over sharable user insights ... especially insights that have the power to connect your business to your customers.

Our new Integrations Hub helps with just that.

As I type this sentence we’ve unlocked over 3,180 integrations that make it possible to connect all parts of your business with real-time user insights ... ensuring the voice of your customer is at the center of all your teams and tech AND that the most accurate/up-to-date data is at the ready for anyone who wants to use it.

Let’s say, for example, you are considering building out a new version of a feature. However, you’re not sure of the business impact yet. It’s crucial for the sake of your roadmap and resources that you get a holistic view of how it will affect users.

So you ...

1. Launch a microsurvey in UserLeap to gather insights (hint: our “Improve an Existing Product or Feature template is a great resource to help you get started).

2. Leverage your existing customer data infrastructure (by connecting your mParticle account or Google Tag Manager instance) to target a specific segment of users (say, account created > 1 year ago + logged in within the past 4 days). We’re pretty sure your eng team will be thankful for that #nocode setup.

3. Compare the user insights you collect side by side with your product analytics data (connect UserLeap to your favorite apps via Zapier or Segment) to understand why your users are doing what they are doing with your original feature set. This will help build your hypothesis for the impact of the feature improvement.

4. As microsurvey responses flow in, automatically add them to your roadmap planning in Productboard. This will help keep the entire team aligned about customer insights, chart next steps, and make the right decisions.

And when it comes time to ship….

5. Run a continuous UserLeap survey (like this one!) to keep a pulse on how users are liking the new feature and confirm usability improvements. Then share some qualitative nuggets and improved usability scores with the entire core team by pumping responses directly into airtable.

And when you receive a not so pleasant response or confusion around the new feature…

6. Just use Zapier to trigger a ticket in your  project management tool (like Jira or Asana). Then set up another Zap to send an email to the PM responsible for that feature AND update the user record in your CRM/ticketing system to reflect where the feedback came from.

Want to try it for yourself? Start for free with UserLeap now.

What this means for YOU

No more siloed data living in hundreds of apps.
No more making decisions based on gut instinct.
No more unnecessary emails and messages trying to tie all your customer touch-points together

With UserLeap, you can collect real-time user insights directly within your product to understand why your customers are doing what they’re doing. Then, with our thousands of integrations, easily combine those insights with your other data to make confident decisions about your product, customers, and business.

The new UserLeap Integrations Hub means that all parts of your business get a direct line to your customers. Get a bit more detail about our newest integrations below or set up your first integration and start sharing insights now.

Zapier: Zap your insights to over 3,000 tools

Powered by Zapier, product teams can easily connect UserLeap with over 3,000+ apps (think  MixPanel, Intercom, HubSpot + Salesforce, ZenDesk, and Google Sheets, and so on) and set up automated workflows based on new survey responses.

No code. Just a few clicks.

A few of our favorite workflows include:

  • Leverage continuous research as you plan your roadmap by streaming insights directly into Productboard.
  • Become the most popular colleague by populating survey responses directly into Airtable to give everyone an up to date, single source of truth for user insights (without the manual copy & paste).
  • Save your team time by automatically sending an email through Gmail to schedule interview participants – no more trying to remember who you've reached out to yet!

Read our blog post for a few more of our favorites.

mParticle: Improve customer experience and understand the "why" behind your data

mParticle is the largest customer data platform (CDP) that helps B2C companies unify customer data and connect it anywhere to transform the customer experience.

But as improving the customer experience becomes increasingly more complex across teams, businesses not only need to track and manage their unified data effectively, they also need to understand “the why” behind their product analytics to make impactful decisions for the customer. For example...

  • Why are customers dropping off during signup in LATAM?
  • Why is the average purchase price going down on mobile?
  • Why are premium customers not completing onboarding?

By connecting mParticle with UserLeap you can leverage your customer data to send microsurveys to specific customers and key moments throughout the customer journey. Giving you confident, real-time answers to any of your product or customer experience questions.

Craving some tech-speak? We hear you. Our mParticle user doc has it all.

(Coming soon) Segment: Send and share unified data and insights

Segment is a Customer Data Platform (CDP) that empowers teams with unified data across all of their platforms. Its 20,000+ customers use the Segment platform to collect web and mobile app event data to provide “a complete data toolkit” to all teams.

While we’ve had a longstanding partnership with Segment as a source for powering your UserLeap email or link microsurveys with your unified attributes and events, we are excited to announce that we will soon be an official Segment Stream partner!

This means in the next few weeks you’ll be able to send UserLeap-collected insights directly to Segment and easily share with any of your other Segment-connected apps (that’s over 180 platforms!).

  • Empower your product team with all of the info they need to make confident decisions by streaming qualitative research and product analytics side by side in MixPanel, Heap, or your favorite analytics tool.
  • Alert engineering by automatically logging a Bugheard ticket whenever feedback related to website or product performance comes in so they can fix it asap.
  • Unify data across the entire company by streaming user insights into your data warehouse – like Snowflake, BigQuery, or SQL – so everyone can access and segment based on it.

BONUS: The data can be accessed and acted upon with zero code changes and just a few clicks.

Our Segment Stream partnership will be live soon. In the meantime, set up your initial Segment source integration to start sending target microsurveys and then share your insights through Segment as soon as it’s available.

We are thrilled that the new UserLeap Integrations Hub means that all parts of your business get a direct line to your customers.

Set up your first integration with just a few clicks today.

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